Immersed in art from a young age, Kitty’s creative outlook and artistic mindset had her destined to be a talented tattoo artist. With every tattoo she designs, she pulls from her experience in painting, sculpting, graphic design and fashion to create something unique and exceptional that can truly be considered art.

With decades of devoted study of the human form and over 7 years of experience tattooing, Kitty knows exactly how to design each tattoo in a way that complements, enhances, and embellishes each distinctive body.

Kitty has experience tattooing nearly every genre, from black and gray to trash polka, from traditional to new school and everything in between. She has the skills and talent to bring each tattoo to life, creating a truly special showpiece for each and every client. Her favorite genres are sacred geometry and neotribalism, with the precision of perfect lines, its reflection of architecture, universal patterns, and its link to ancient science and spiritual ornament.

Her desire for every client is that they not only walk away with a personal piece of artistic adornment, but that the process itself is enjoyable and rewarding.