I’m Julia Rose, a multimedia artist working full time as a tattoo artist at Inkwitch Tattoo. I have been tattooing for a year now as I recently completed my apprenticeship under the Inkwitch herself, Meryl Hurwich. In regards to my art background, I graduated cum laude with a dual major in Fine Arts and Graphic Design from the County College of Morris in 2020 and I’ve been freelancing since 2017.

The art of tattooing is sacred and is argued to be as old as religion. Being able to permanently mark someone is something I respect wholeheartedly. I have always dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist ever since I learned what a tattoo even was! Nothing is more gratifying than having the skill set to permanently memorialize something significant to someone on their body. Body modification is a form of self love and healing and I’m grateful to be able to create custom work for people to celebrate their own skin. I specialize in black and gray work, as well as full color, and my style of art is heavily detailed, fine line, semi-realistic, and illustrative. I enjoy the macabre and mystical subject matter, but I’m always willing to create something original for anyone no matter what the context is!