The last 14 months have been revelatory in so many ways, positive and negative. In the world of the professional tattooer, things are a bit different as well.Our daily fanatical focus on cleanliness and sanitary work environments at Inkwitch Tattoo has gotten more intense. We’ve added more ventilation (multiple fans and/or open windows), hourly cleaning of doorknobs and surfaces in our main traffic areas, mandatory masks, and extra barrier protection. Everyone here is already trained in the prevention of disease transmission via bloodborn pathogens, both through Red Cross training and membership requirements of the A.P.T. (Alliance of Professional Tattooists). Covid-19 is just an extension of our considerable sanitary procedures education.
You may have noticed our locked door during business hours. As the sign on the door clarifies, we are working in a small space, requiring that we limit the number of people in the shop at all times. Our commitment to your continued health, as well as ours, makes these changes necessary.

Walk-in tattoos are available every day on a first come, first served basis. Our walk-in availability is secondary to our commitment to everyone’s health. Please keep in mind that we will not accommodate more than 2 customers per tattooer in the shop at any one time.

Inkwitch is open 7 days a week from noon until 7 p.m. Call to set up a consultation with Meryl, Kitty, or special guest artist Denise de la Cerda!

We deeply appreciate our many new customers and our loyal return customers always, especially now that we must ask you to work with us regarding these new safety requirements. Stay safe, healthy, and happy out there, y’all!

Tel: (570) 421-2661